Energy storage products

  • Royal Thai Airforce Storage Project

    1.9MW , 2.7MWh I Growatt PCS100

    Royal Thai Airforce Storage Project

    Time: 2019


    Project: Royal Thai Airforce Storage Project


    Installed capacity: 1.9MW , 2.7MWh


    Product: Growatt PCS100



    The project is solar hybrid application with 19 sites in total, 1.9MW. 2.7MWh in capacity, covering Airforce bases across Thailand to provide energy shifting function and back-up function. System maximizes the self-consumption of solar energy, and supports the load by up to 1 hour when grid fails due to unstable supply in rural area.

  • ACME India Factory Storage System

    500kWh | ATESS PCS500

    ACME India Factory Storage System

    Time: 2019


    Project: ACME India Factory Storage System


    Installed capacity: 500kWh


    Product: ATESS PCS500



    National Grid of India is not stable, even in urban area grid failure occurs frequently, most of the factories and offices are with backup diesel generator which is costly in maintenance and fuel consumption. the 500kW battery energy storage system with ATESS 500kW battery inverter, bypass cabinet, isolating transformer and LG battery was designed to support consumption of office and production line during grid failure, and minimize the usage of DG, at the same time runs as a test site for future grid regulation application.

  • Sierra Leone Solar Hybrid System

    120kW, 400kWh | Growatt PCS500

    Sierra Leone Solar Hybrid System

    Time: 2019


    Project: Sierra Leone Solar Hybrid System


    Installed capacity: 120kW, 400kWh


    Product: Growatt PCS500



    Sierra Leone is located on the Atlantic coast of West Africa, the countryis still under recovering from civil war during which most infrastructureswere destroyed, power quality and availability are extremely low,nationwide only 13% average population is covered by power. The containerized 120kW, 400kWh solar battery hybrid system works as a microgrid to support local office, 2 years in operation, the local office building has been running steadily with 24*7 supply from renewable energy.

  • Central America Storage System

    100kW , 200kWh | Growatt PCS100

    Central America Storage System

    Time: 2019


    Project: Central America Storage System


    Installed capacity: 100kW , 200kWh


    Product: Growatt PCS100



    Located in Jamaica, the 100kW, 200kWh hybrid system is designed for load leveling, with limited grid capacity, during peak time, local factory will be running on extra cost, by adding battery storage system, the battery can be charged at night when factory is not running, and discharge at peak time to compensate grid, this can utilize low electricity price and eliminate additional consumption charge as well

  • Argentina Solar Hybrid Plant

    100kW,200kWh | Growatt HPS100

    Argentina Solar Hybrid Plant

    Time: 2019


    Project: Argentina Solar Hybrid Plant


    Installed capacity: 100kW,200kWh


    Product: Growatt HPS100



    Located in South America, the 100kW, 200kWh solar storage system was installed to provide supply to a local warehouse, previously the site was powered by a DG during grid failure,fuel consumption is high, and DG starting takes time,by adding solar storage system, most of the local consumption can be fulfilled by solar energy, moreover, during grid failure, the storage battery can provide power in off-grid mode seamlessly instead of turning on the DG. By adding the solar storage system, electricity bill of the site, as well as usage of DG were reduced significantly.

  • Durban Storage System

    50kW ,150kWh | Growatt PCS50

    Durban Storage System

    Time: 2019


    Project: Durban Storage System


    Installed capacity: 50kW ,150kWh |


    Product: Growatt PCS50



    Located in South Africa, 50kW, 150kWh in capacity, the system is a battery storage systemserving as an uninterruptable power supply, with the bypass cabinet along PCS50 battery inverter, the system can realize seamless on/off grid switching within 10ms, which can provide guaranteed stable power supply.


Ghana Solar Hybrid Plant

Time: 2017


Project: Kashgar, Xinjiang,China


Installed capacity: 20 MW + 400 kW/1006 kWh


Product: SC500TL, lithium batteries



The DC side energy storage system solution provided by SUNGROW for Kashgar, Xinjiang (China) is reputed as “terminator of power generation limitation”. It is a DC bus side parallel energy storage system of PV assemblies and PV inverters without the need to change the existing AC system configuration in the PV power station. This energy storage system can store the PV power exceeding the limit power in batteries, and the stored power can be supplied with the grid is slightly idle by one charge and discharge cycle a day, thus thoroughly solving the problem of power generation limitation. This energy storage system can also substantially improve the accuracy of PV power prediction with flexible control of the PV power station output power, making the station smarter and the grid more friendly.