Shenzhen ATESS Power Technology is a leading energy solution provider focusing on design and manufacturing of PV hybrid inverter, battery inverter, storage solution and EV charging stations for various applications. with a founder team more than 10 years in the industry,Atess has been supplying its product and solutions worldwide.


ATESS provides comprehensive solutions on two major categories, one is Energy Storage and the other is EV Charging


ESS related products including hybrid inverter, bi-directional battery inverter, solar charge controller, switching cabinet and other accessories

EV charging products including AC charger, DC charger and combo chargerand accessories


With more than 6 years development, products of ATESS have been applied worldwide covering South America, Africa, Asia and Europe, ATESS is keen on providing global users excellent products and comprehensive services.



In the previous ATESS white paper, we have introduced the automatic power distribution function of the ATESS EV charger. There are usually household or office appliance in the installation site, and the installation is limited by the total power distribution capacity. Then what can we do to ensure normal use of the load and with the premise of not exceeding the total power? The key is that the EV charger needs to have dynamical adjusting function, to automatically tune the charging power according to the load capacity. ATESS solution is as follow: