ATESS won the spotlight at eMove 360 expo


ATESS was pleased to attend 2019 eMove 360 expo in Munich, Germany during 15th to 17th October. The show was previously named eCarTec, an internationally leading expo in renewable car industry, which gives an insight of complete new generation transportation solutions using renewable energy. The exhibitor and displayed product cover all fields of new energy vehicles from finished vehicle to EV charger, and the relevant accessories.


ATESS general manager Dennis He with clients

In the near future, electric vehicles will be the general trend to replace traditional gasoline car and the step of this happening is moving forward rapidly, which will make the world less dependent on crude oil. Governments of all countries and people in the automobile industry are all optimistic about the development of EV products. ATESS as a professional EV charger provider, is also gaining more opportunities by increasing its presence in global market.

In the show, ATESS had introduced its most cutting-edge and essential know-how in storage inverter and EV charging technology. The elegant designed AC EV charger EVA-03~44S-P/S series model really caught the eye of the audience. Dennis He, general manager of ATESS revealed, “the model is as compact as one A4 paper but with robust functionality and reliability. Besides the comprehensive electrical protection, the charger is designed in IP65 protection grade, which means it’s capable for harsh environment and salt-mist condition. We have also developed smart monitoring and flexible paying system that make it friendly to both the end user and station owner. So all in all, we believe this is the product which can help us win the German market.”


Dennis in discussion with client