Cordial meeting between ATESS and Thai partners group culminated with applause


During September 17 to 18th, a group of partners from Thailand was warmly received by ATESS in Shenzhen headquarter. The group was composed of more than 20 nationwide distributors and EPCs who are key players in the Thai solar storage industry.


ATESS team and the Thai partners group

During the visit, ATESS had shown the clients its automatic workshop and assembly line, comprehensive product roadmap as well as innovative design of storage system.
In order to keep pace to the booming demand in PV storage market, ATESS keeps refining on its technics to offer PV storage solution for diversifying application scenarios. It now presents small scale storage inverter from 5 to 10kw, all-in-one commercial storage inverter from 30 to 150kw, and large scale DC-coupled solution that up to MWlevel. Besides, ATESS also provides professional solutions for AC and DC fast EV charger. The clients were impressedby ATESS’s leading edge technology, user-friendly product features and reliable service. 


 ATESS product portfolio

And achievements had been made by ATESS ever since entering the Thai solar market in 2013 with over 20MW storage inverters and batteries installed across Thailand, including the Royal Thai Air Force 2MW micro grid project, which is a milestone for ATESS in PV storage market.


The group visiting ATESS assembly line

After the meeting, both parties have gained greater understanding on each other and the solar storage industry. The collaboration has been strengthened and further step of cooperation will be soon taken to make more significant achievement in the Thai market.